Policies, Terms and Conditions

By placing a reservation with Lynx Limousine Service you acknowledge and expressly agree to the following policies, terms and conditions and further expressly authorize Lynx Limousine Service, if not paying in cash, to charge your credit card in full for all charges relating to your reservation, including, but not limited to, charging your credit card in full for the reservation should you be considered a no-show. Service is deemed rendered, whether you enter the vehicle or not, when the cancellation period is reached.

Credit Card Presentation to Chauffeur

All Clients are required to present their credit card used for reserving a vehicle to their chauffeur at pick-up with the actual, physical credit card provided at time of booking for imprints and signatures. One imprint will be taken for each transaction placed on the credit card as well as one in case of incidentals unless a signed 3rd party authorization with required documents has been placed on file with Lynx Limousine prior to date of service.

Alternatively, a corporate account or individual account may be activated as long as all required documents are received, reviewed and accepted by Lynx Limousine Service prior to date of service indicating both parties accept the terms and conditions of such account and credit. This policy is in-line with similar practices of other types of car rental agencies and hotels.

Point to Point Transfers

Lynx Limousine provides up to a 20 minute grace period at pick-up; before wait time charges apply at the hourly rate of the vehicle billed in 15 minute increments. Point to Point Transfers include all Return Airport Transfers,, Point A to Point B Transfers and all non-hourly reservations.

Hourly Reservations and Posted Minimums

Hourly orders are billed the number of hours you ordered the vehicle for; then in 15 minute increments thereafter. Minimum posted number of hours; is only the minimum number of hours we will accept on an order, not what you will be billed for. Reductions in the amount of time ordered are not permitted once an order is confirmed.

No-Show Policy

On all reservations you will be considered a no-show at 60 minutes past your scheduled pick-up time; if you have not met your chauffeur or contacted us by phone, you will be charged in full for the reservation. To avoid being charged as a no-show, do not leave your location without contacting Lynx Limousine by phone.

Cancellation Policy

Rather than forego your deposit, a reschedule of your event is admissible under certain circumstances. For more information view our Reschedule Policy below.

Cancellations are accepted by phone only and upon written confirmation of the receipt of such cancellation between all parties involved.

LynxLimousine Service requires that cancellations be received no less than 72 hours prior to pick-up time (Sedan or Stretch) with the exception of Friday afternoon thru Sunday morning (with Stretched Limousine) where 30 day notice is required.

Weddings, Wedding Shuttles and Prom/Graduation Services: Lynx Limousine Service requires that cancellations be received no less than 90 days prior to pick-up time.

Hourly Charters & Tours: Lynx Limousine Service requires that cancellations be received no less than 30 days prior to pick-up time.

If you fail to cancel by the prescribed time frames prior to your pick-up time you will be charged in full for the order.

All Deposits are non-refundable; even if you cancel within the prescribed time frame. The balance in full will be due should you fail to cancel by the prescribed time frame or no-show at pick-up. If you cancel by the prescribed time frame the balance due is waived.

Change Policy

Lynx Limousine will confirm all services with clients a minimum of 5 business days prior to the actual reservation. Lynx Limousine requires that all changes to times and locations be received by phone  at least 5 days prior to pick-up and are subject to availability. If, a change cannot be accommodated & results in a cancellation you will be charged in full for the order. Reductions in the amount of time or vehicle size ordered are NOT permitted once an order is confirmed.

Tours, Specials and Package Orders are NOT permitted to be changed to standard hourly reservations once confirmed.

Re-schedule Policy

Re-scheduling of an event is subject to a $150 admin fee per vehicle plus an additional 25% non-refundable deposit on the remaining unpaid balance due to reschedule. If your deposit is transferred, the new date for service must be within 365 days of original date of service or will be considered a cancellation. No date changes, transfers of deposits or cancellations will be accepted less than 90 days for wedding, wedding shuttles, proms and graduations and 30 days for all other services prior to your rental date. If so, full payment is required.

Payment Methods

Lynx Limousine accepts Cash, E-transfer, Visa, MasterCard and Pay Pal.

Balance payable is due at initial pickup location by Cash only unless confirmed by Lynx Limousine Service in writing at time of confirmation only.

Credit Cards will be pre-authorized for damage deposits or un-paid amounts prior to pick-up time. The Credit Card provided at booking must be present with cardholder at pick-up unless a Signed 3rd Party Authorization with required documents has been placed on file and approved by Lynx Limousine prior to pick-up or a Corporate Account has been activated and all required documents received.

Any delays or additions that extend the agreed finish time will incur full overtime rates plus GST.

Lynx Limousine Service and must be paid in full for overtime at the end of the trip.

Non-Refundable Deposit Policy

Lynx Limousine Service requires a non-refundable deposit for you to reserve services and vehicles. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required for evening, wedding and all other services except proms and graduations, when a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. When a limousine reservation is confirmed, the requested vehicle is taken off the market. This will prevent Lynx Limousine Service or it's Affiliates from accepting any new reservations for the specified vehicle during your requested timeframe.

Lost or Damaged Items

Lynx Limousine Service and its Affiliates are not responsible for items that are left in the vehicle, lost or damaged. Lynx Limousine reserves the right to charge a delivery fee for returning lost items if found. The rate will be equal to the rate of an Airport Transfer to your location plus 15% Chauffeur gratuity.

Lynx Limousine, its Affiliates and all Chauffeurs will assist with luggage at a client's request, but assume no liability for doing so.

Uncontrollable Acts, Acts of God and/or Acts of Nature

Lynx Limousine Service and its Affiliates are not responsible for acts of God, Mother Nature and/or circumstances that are beyond our control; including, but not limited to traffic congestion, road closures, accidents, flight delays, weather delays, etc.

Lynx Limousine Service regularly maintains all vehicles and will not be held liable in the event of mechanical breakdown & will only be responsible for making up lost time on a mutually agreed upon time and/or date. Rates for partial or complete refund will be based on the amount of actual time & services rendered.

Vehicle Cleaning/Damages

Lynx Limousine reserves the right to limit the amount of beverage and food consumption in our vehicles. Although a cleaning fee and policy are in effect, Byers Limousine reserves the right to invoke a sanitation charge for cleaning of soiled carpets, fabrics, damages, etc and inclusive of removal of garbage if necessary. In order to eliminate any potential cleaning fees, Byers Limousine enforces a "Carry On, Carry Out" policy. This means that if you bring beverages and food trays onboard, you are required to remove all items at the end of the run. Please leave the vehicles in the same condition at the end of the run as when you first enter the vehicles.

The Party paying for the Reservation is responsible for all damages and/or cleaning charges incurred by the renter and/or Party of the Renter, including but not limited to: Vomit/Sickness/Smoking (minimum $300 cleaning fee), Excessive Alcohol Spillage/Food (minimum $100 cleaning fee), Broken Glassware (minimum $5 per, up to replacement of set), Burns (repair, up to replacement), Upholstery Tears (repair, up to replacement), Electronics/Stereo/Speakers (repair, up to replacement), any Interior Bar/Tint/Ceiling Scratch (repair, up to replacement), and/or Exterior damages including Opening a Car Door into another Vehicle or Stationary Object (repair, up to replacement), etc.

Emergency exits are not to be tampered with. If tampered with, a minimum $300 fine will be applied to your contract.

Privacy Policy

Lynx Limousine Service and its Affiliates' do not sell, rent or disseminate your personal and financial information to any outside third parties. Lynx Limousine Service reserves the right to use the information supplied to provide requested services and collect payment for services rendered in accordance with our rates, terms and policies.

All chauffeurs sign a privacy policy that impedes them from discussing personal details with any third party.

Due to safety concerns, handbags are not permitted within the passenger cabin. Lynx Limousine Service and it's affiliates reserves the right to search all handbags entering the passenger compartment to ensure the safety of all passengers and our staff. To avoid any issues, clients can store their handbags with the driver or in the trunk and retrieve upon exiting the vehicle. Refusal to allow a search may result in the removal of the handbag or such passenger not being allowed to board. No refund will be issued as per our terms of payment policy.

Privacy Divider Policy

No smoking or narcotic use is allowed in our vehicles at any time. For the safety of all involved, backpacks and large bags are not allowed inside the limo, and are subject to search. Failure to comply will result in refusal to gain entry into our vehicles and /or immediate termination of the rental with full payment still due. Due to the consumption of alcohol (which is illegal; drinking out of residence) we have had to enforce the rule of the divider "down" policy in order to protect our investments from damages by those who do not respect our vehicles. To ensure complete control over this issue the dividers in our stretch limos will be kept locked in the "down" position at all times. Disregarding this rule will result in immediate termination of the service. We understand that this could be an inconvenience to you but should not as our chauffeurs will use discretion and respect your privacy. All chauffeurs sign a privacy policy that impedes them from discussing personal details with any third party. As long as our clients do not plan to engage in any illegal conduct, the professionalism and discretion of our drivers will reduce this inconvenience to a minimum. We kindly ask that you do not insist on having things differently.

Termination of any reservation by Lynx Limousine

Lynx Limousine Service reserves the right to terminate any reservation without refund, if the Chauffeur or the Lynx Limousine Dispatcher on duty feels that the Renter and /or Party of the Renter is putting the Chauffeur or the mode of transportation or the Renter/and/or Party of the Renter in danger of injury. Or, if the Renter and/or Party of the Renter are in the possession of any illegal material and/or substance, this service will be canceled without refund. Lynx Limousine further reserves the right to refuse service in its sole discretion. This is without exception.